Launched in 2017 as a website dedicated to HyperZoomHD, a high-quality detachable lens with extreme zooming abilities compatible for any Smartphone model.

Here at HYPERZOOMHD, you can find product information, customer reviews, and the latest news and deals to help you with your purchase. We also provide secure payment options and fast international delivery for a safer and more convenient online transaction.


We believe that everyone is capable of producing great photographs. You don’t need heavy and extremely expensive equipment to do it either. We aim to give you more options to explore your creativity and extend your reach for better and clearer photographs for a more affordable price.


HyperZoomHD is our solution for pixelated and limited zoom functions. It was developed to break through the zoom limits of any Smartphone camera and lto let you capture images from great distances.


We provide various payment options through credit card, debit card, Bitcoin, or PayPal accounts and delivery internationally. Orders vary on the location of the delivery address and may arrive as early as two (2) weeks.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We do not share, trade, or sell any of the information you share. We strictly protect your information so that you can complete your transactions online hassle-free and risk-free.


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If you have product concerns, reports of delivery damage, and other inquiries, you may contact us by email.

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  1. Great value for money.


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